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No ordinary musical drama

Sept 22 Thomas Tosh Thornhill Sept 23 Birchvale Theatre Dalbeattie Sept 24 Swallow Theatre Whithorn Sept 25 Swallow Theatre Whithorn   “The British Empire was trying desperately to hold on to its colonial possessions by any means … and the foul would often override the fair.” Tunji Sowande arrived in London from Nigeria in 1945 to study law and pursue his interest in music…. Read more »


Blackout: A short, sharp shocker

A group of local young people will explore, rehearse and stage the relevant and compelling verbatim play Blackout by Davey Anderson at two venues in July. Blackout is about the true story of a 15-year-old Glaswegian boy who wakes up in a secure unit charged with attempted murder, and little to no memory of how… Read more »


An amazin’ review

Thank you Jeannette Blunsden for writing such a wonderful review of your experience. Blazin’ Fiddles, supported by Robyn Stapleton and Claire Hastings Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries, 1 June 2017 ★★★★★ Review A rainy evening made the warm and efficient greeting on arrival most welcoming. I entered the foyer at a peak time but there was no queuing, my… Read more »