Sunday 21 May, 2:30 pm
posted by Sarabain
Adults: £7/Children: £3.50 Family (2 Adults 3 children) £20
St Andrew's Primary School Craigs Road Dumfries DG1 4UU

MamaBabaMe is  an innovative, inspirational, new dance co-production created by Artistic Director of Curious Seed, Christine Devaney.  Made specifically for very young children and their parents and carers aged 18 months – 3 years with music by Greg Sinclair and designed by visual artist Yvonne Buskie and theatre designer Karen Tennent.

Every new relationship is a journey – it can be tender, competitive, challenging, joyful. But where does that begin?

Join us at the ringside of our mini arena for MamaBabaMe to witness this exciting new dance, theatre and live music experience made especially for infants and their grown ups.

Through playful movement, dance and sound, MamaBabaMe explores these profound new relationships and how this eternal bond evolves and grows.

MamaBabaMe will be staged in circular ‘arena’ designed by Yvonne Buskie; a comfortable place to observe the action from, spectate, look-in on the performers playing out the many different possibilities of physical and emotional relationships, behavior, interactions between mother and child.

There will be three performers in the piece, two dancers and a cellist. The music will be integral to the performance, the cellist interactacting with the dancers in the arena.

As well as the physical interactions and the dance enabling threads of narrative to unfold, the ever changing fluidity of status within the relationships will be explored and expressed, with humour and intensity, through playing with scale and size: not just of the performers but of the instruments and props used in the work.

MamaBabaMe will at times be, tender, playful and challenging. For the infants, this will be a very immediate experience shared with significant adults in their lives.  For adults, MamaBabaMe will provide a space to reflect on our own relationships – be it from a parent’s perspective, of remembering our relationships with our parents growing up.