The Gathering: Network weekend for performing arts promoters

Sat 9 Dec - Sun 10 Dec
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

posted by Sarabain
A’ The Airts 8-12 High Street Sanquhar dg4 6BL

The first Arts Live Network Gathering takes place over the weekend of Saturday 9 December and Sunday 10 December at A’ the Airts, Sanquhar, and all promoters of performing arts in Dumfries and Galloway are invited to come along to this free event which includes shows, speakers, training courses and excellent networking opportunities.

Saturday 9 December 10am to 5pm

10:00-10:30 Coffees and networking

10:30-11:00 Introduction Peter Renwick, programme director plus two-minute shout-out around the room.

11:00-11:30        Guest Speaker from  DG Unlimited: David McDonald, Arts Director.

11:30- 12:00       Adrian Lear Tourbook the official Dumfries and Galloway launch: Tourbook is a showcasing platform and marketplace for live performance. It helps promoters and venues, working at any scale, to connect with performers in dance, theatre, music, comedy and more.  Find out more about what Tourbook is and does and how it can help you with programming, event administration and communications.

12:00-12:15        Introduction and video from the Rural Dance Initiative

12:15-12:30        Matt  Kitson: Rural Cinema Project: Matt Kitson explores the opportunity to build a partnership that combines live performance and cinema, maximising access for our audiences and giving them a breadth of arts experience that they might not normally have access to.

12:30-1:15          Lunch

1:15-1:45            Cultured Mongrel I’m Still Here: Dance piece performance with Emma Jayne Park.

1:45-2:15            Jude Henderson Director Federation of Scottish Theatre: Touring strategy in Rural Locations: The Federation of Scottish Theatre will provide an overview of the work FST does to support theatre, dance and opera and the professional development opportunities it provides. There will also be an update on the current touring working groups that are looking to address some of the challenges currently facing the sector followed by time for questions.

2:15-2:45             Three Breakout sessions: In- depth operational tour of Tourbook; Digital Marketing and PR; Paragon access to the arts

2:45-3:00             Coffee

3:-3:30                  Breakout sessions continued

3:30-3:50             Comfort break

3:50-5:00             Evening Show: Faslane, Sanquhar Town Hall: Award-winning artist Jenna Watt presents: Faslane, a hugely powerful and timely insight into the UK’s current nuclear debate. Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde, or Faslane, situated 40 miles outside Glasgow, is home to the UK’s nuclear missile program: Trident. With her family having worked in Faslane with Trident all her life, and with her friends protesting at the gates, Jenna endeavours to understand her relationship to Trident, the wider nuclear debate and activism.   Drawing upon interviews with individuals at the front line of the nuclear debate, including activists and MOD personnel, Jenna navigates her own journey through the politics, the protests, the peace camps and freedom of information requests to find out answers to the questions we should all be asking about our nuclear deterrent.

5:00-6:00  Drinks and feedback

Sunday 10 December 10am to 5pm

First Aid with EFAR Chris Marshall: Accredited First Aid Course for Event Managers. Includes defibrillation as part of the course.

Sound and Lighting workshop with John Dinning

No catering bring your own lunch.