Touring Opportunities

Opportunities to host touring theatres

Here are opportunities to receive high quality work through the Arts Live programme.
More will be announced in the weeks or months ahead.

If you are a venue and/or promoter and would like to book any of these shows, please sign up for free membership first and contact the Arts Live Office for more details.

Puppet Animation Festival

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Info: Production Pack Email Ready

Ideal venues:  There are 21  shows  and five workshops to  pick from, suitable for a variety of spaces. Most shows are  for children aged 0-7.  Workshops for children up to ages 13.

Deal offered: We will pay the promoter (you) £200 towards the costs of staging an agreed Puppet Animation Festival show.  You will pay Puppet Animation the agreed fee (Excludes Films)

Available Dates 25 March – 15 April

Puppet Animation Festival is the UK’s largest performing arts event for children, with a diverse programme of events for children between the ages of 0-12. This programme includes puppet-making and stop-motion animation workshops, puppet theatre and animated films.

The Clod Ensemble:The Red Chair

Info: The Red Chair Promoter’s pack


“A tour de force brawly spoken!” EdinburghGuide ★★★★★
“Fantasmagorical, exuberant, deliciously surreal” Argus Angel winner 2015

Ideal venues: Quite flexible for different venues requires a 4m*5m playing space, tours own light and sound.
Ideal for:  14+ (contains some strong language) Contemporary storytelling | Fairy tales | Scottishfolk tales and traditional arts|  New writing theatre | Solo performance | Physical
theatre | Literary events

Available dates:  12-18 March

This intimate new show from Clod Ensemble has a dark, original fairy tale at its heart. The Red Chair is a surreal ballad that tells the story of a man who could not stop eating, the wife doomed to cook his meals and their ‘inveesible’ daughter

Join acclaimed writer/performer Sarah Cameron as she takes you on a journey through a world of extreme compulsion and eye watering complacency, where domestic drudgery happens on an operatic scale and a father’s dereliction of duty reaches epic proportions.

Told in a rich and saucy Scots dialect with physical verve, a musical score that rolls in like the mist over the hills and a wee dram of whisky to oil the way, The Red Chair lies somewhere between a Grimms’ Tale, an absurdist ghost story and a parent’s guide on how not to bring up children.

Deal offered: Arts Live will pay the artists’ fees. We recommended a ticket price of £10/Conc £8. Arts Live will receive the first £300 of ticket income, the promoter (you) will receive the next £150 of ticket income. Ticket income over £450 will be split 60% to Arts Live and 40% to the promoter (you).