Arts live: Support for Ambition Scheme

Arts Live: Support for Ambition scheme is now open for its next round of applications.

The scheme is open to artists venues and promoters in Dumfries and Galloway who are seeking to put on a quality performing arts event of their own.  You can apply for financial support  that will be paid should your income not cover the full cost of your event. The level of support will be calculated against an agreed maximum expenditure and minimum target for ticket income.

The application form is now on-line and available HERE

To apply you need to be an Arts Live member. If you are not already a member you can  SIGN UP FOR MEMBERSHIP HERE

Applications are now being considered for events taking place between 1 OCTOBER 2017 and 30 APRIL 2018.


If you are planning an event after 30 April 2018 that you would like us to support, you are welcome to discuss ideas with us.

Please get in touch with Lou on 01387 259627

When looking at which events to support, the event should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Should be of a high quality, beyond an organisation’s usual activity
  • Be of good artistic quality
  • Will draw an audience
  • Is not competing with another similar event in the area at the same time
  • Have to take place between 1 October 2017 and 30 April 2018
  • Have a realistic budget
  • Have a realistic ticket income
  • Have a realistic ticket price
  • Organisers should be willing to promote the event through their own network, costs to be included in the budget

You can include in your budget the following costs

  • Artists’ fees, travel and accommodation*
  • Venue hire*
  • Publicity
  • Set-up and technical costs*
  • Box Office Fees

* If you run a venue, are an artist or a sound technician, etc, these will include your own fees provided they are included in the application

What we won’t pay for

  • Promoters’ time
  • Costs of catering for the public
  • Rented items that are not returned
  • Cancellation costs
  • Increases in your expenditure budget after your application.

The application form is now online and available HERE

We are conducting our selection through a fair and open access application process. No funding decisions will be made prior to the application deadline.

An allocation of ticket sales (no less than 10%) must be made available via the Midsteeple Box Office

The panel meet on 20 September and applicants will receive a decision by 28 September.

By accepting the guarantee you agree to the conditions of the scheme, available here.

SMALL PRINT: The total costs of the event should be more than the guarantee requested and we are looking for promoters to buy in with a shared risk. The promoter should be confident in achieving a minimum audience. The amount of support will ensure that all agreed event costs are covered, provided you achieve above the minimum, and your expenditure is not higher than agreed. Should ticket income be more than the event costs, you will keep profits. Typically we will guarantee a loss of up to £500 but will offer a smaller or larger guarantee, depending upon the overall cost of the event. The costs should include artists’ fees, travel accommodation, venue hire, technical costs and publicity. If for example you are an artist or a venue, you can include your own fees in the budget. Typically we will expect the amount of support to cover no more than 50% of the total event costs but we will make exceptions for high risk or  developmental projects, Children’s  theatre or dance. You must supply us with copy and a good quality image for our listings, and publicity. Tickets must be made available via our booking system. You will be primarily responsible for the promotion and marketing of your event. We do, however, offer support via press releases, newsletters, website material and social media.