Supported Theatre Programme

Our supported theatre programme helps touring theatre companies visit the region, and helps independent promoters to stage professional theatre.

Our role in this is to

  1. Connect theatre companies to venues and promoters to arrange small tours in the region.
  2. Guarantee artists fees, working on a ticket split with the venues.
  3. Provide marketing support for the events.
  4. Provide advice on programming marketing or technical production.

Once a date is confirmed the venue promoter we are working with takes prime responsibility for the staging and promoting the event.

If you are a venue and/or promoter and would like to be part of the  scheme, please either sign up for free membership first or contact the Arts Live Office for more details. We will then send you information on companies looking to tour.

Indepen-Dance: Four go wild in wellies.


Shows staged  as part of the  supported theatre programme include:

  • Catherine Wheels Theatre Company:Pondlife
  • Company of Wolves : A Brief History of Evil
  • Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre: Experts in Short Trousers
  • Dance Ihayami: Silent Space
  • Farnham Maltings Theatre presents Yørgjin Oxo
  • Fire Exit: The Course of True Love
  • George Egg: Anarchist Cook
  • Ishbel Mcfarlane:O is for Hoolet
  • Jango Starr: One Man Shoe
  • Ludens Ensemble: Macbeth Without Words
  • National Theatre of Scotland present Kai Fischer’s Last Dream (On Earth)
  • National theatre of Scotland The 306 : DAY
  • National theatre of Scotland: The Strange Undoing of Prudentia Heart
  • ‘Owdyado Theatre presents A View from the Edge
  • Paines Plough: Every Brilliant Thing
  • Rapture Theatre: Democracy
  • Starcatchers & Branar Teatar Do Phaisti:  The Shape of Things.
  • Starcatchers & Curious Seed: MamaBabaMe
  • The Man Who Followed His Legs (and kept on walking)
  • Theatre Fideri Fidera presents Oskar’s Amazing Adventure
  • Tortoise in a Nutshell presents FISK