Blackout: A short, sharp shocker

A group of local young people will explore, rehearse and stage the relevant and compelling verbatim play Blackout by Davey Anderson at two venues in July.

Blackout is about the true story of a 15-year-old Glaswegian boy who wakes up in a secure unit charged with attempted murder, and little to no memory of how he got there. The play then follows the story of him trying to piece together the events which have brought him here, which is where we find him at the start of the play.

Originally written for young people as part of the National Connections Festival, the play examines the challenge of taking responsibility for your own actions, when trauma leaves you feeling like everything is out of your control; something which is relevant to all ages but particularly hard when you’re young and especially if you’re like our character and have limited support networks.

The performance is led by professional theatre makers, Bunbury Banter Theatre, and collaborating with the Arts Live, the Theatre Royal Dumfries, Soul Soup, CatStrand and Dumfries Carers. After two performances in the Theatre Royal on 28 July and 29 July, the production comes to the CatStrand, to be shared and then staged in conjunction with their youth performance, as part of a double bill evening of entertainment.

The event is supported by the The Holywood Trust and Dumfries And Galloway Arts Live, and the company is also partnering with the Theatre Royal Dumfries and working with a number of professional theatre makers, guiding the cast and crew, made up of young people.

The event will be held in the Theatre Royal Studio.

“Davey Anderson’s short, sharp shocker … it has a spiky edginess” –  Lyn Gardner, Guardian
“All you really need to know is that this show is amazing” –  ThreeWeeks
“Davey Anderson’s writing – urgent, real yet heightened” –  What’s On Stage
“A dazzling play” –  The Scotsman

Friday, 28 July, 7.30pm, Theatre Royal, Dumfries

Saturday, 29 July, 7.30pm, Theatre Royal, Dumfries

Sunday, 30 July, 7.30pm, CatStrand, New Galloway