Free live living room performances

Photo: Jon Davey Photography

There is no doubt that watching live performing arts expands the mind and boosts well-being but, for some, poor health and being house-bound makes access to live arts impossible.

Two years ago, Gretna-born dancer and theatre-maker Emma Jayne Park was diagnosed with blood cancer and, during her recovery, was unable to leave the house to perform or go to shows.

Now she is back and brings her energetic and moving performance It’s Not Over Yet to The Stove, Dumfries, on Saturday, 28 October.

But Emma has not forgotten the past few years, nor the tens of thousands of people who share her experience, and she has come up with the idea of free living room performances, based on It’s Not Over Yet, for people who are house-bound for medical reasons and want to enjoy a performance from their own living room.

Emma has teamed up with musician, composer and sound designer Nik Paget-Tomlinson to deliver these free performances at an agreed time between Sunday, 29 and Monday, 30 October. The maximum audience capacity is five and performances will be 25 minutes long followed by a short question and answer session with the artists.

Emma said: “Living room performances are the first stage in developing quality theatre work that can be reshaped into intimate home-based performances considering the specific needs of people who are house-bound for medical reasons.

“Working in partnership with The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, these short works will engage with a variety of themes and art forms to offer those who cannot attend the theatre the same privilege as our visiting audiences.”

Anyone who is unable to leave the house through poor health and wishes to see Emma’s performance is asked to contact her to arrange a mutually-convenient time for her to come along.

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