Puppet Animation Festival comes to region

The UK’s largest and oldest annual performing arts event for children celebrates its 35th anniversary this year with events taking place across the nation.

The Puppet Animation Festival brings a varied assortment of events to entertain and delight the region’s children and their families:

Friday, 23 March at 5.30pm
Theatre Royal, Dumfries
“The perfect introduction to a foreign language for tiny ones”. The List
Narrated in English with a smattering of French from the puppets, the show is a fun and heart-warming piece of theatre with a big surprise ending. Accessible to all non-French speakers. After the show audience members – particularly the smallest ones – are invited onto the stage to dance as well as taste real carrots, but only if they want to.

Sunday, 25 March 1pm
Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre
The story of a family and their front garden, told through the use of puppetry, music and audience interaction. Inspired by the decline of front gardens in the UK and its impact on the environment, the story illustrates what happens when one day a family’s garden just disappears.

Monday, 9 April
Swallow Theatre, Whithorn
Gather round and hear stories of Odin, the King of the Gods, Thor and his mighty hammer and Loki – the shape changer, adventurer and mischief maker. In this engaging rod puppet production by Clydebuilt Theatre Company, the puppeteer battles frost giants, dodges magical beasts and brings the gods of old to life.


Saturday, 14 April 1pm and 3pm
A’ the Airts Sanquhar

This simple wordless piece by Sokobauno Puppet Theatre explores the language of the puppet, object and sound through delicate, highly-skilled manipulation. The show was first performed in 2016 for Syrian refugee children during the 10th International Puppetry Festival in the Turkish city of Izmir.

The event takes place in the Little Fawn Caravan Theatre – a travelling children’s theatre with a wonderful, colourful atmosphere and a unique performance space.