Theatre lights the way

Lockerbie Town Hall on 29 November
Wigtown County Buildings on 30 November

The theatre company that brought the outstanding production of Yørgen Oxo to the region earlier in the year, returns to Lockerbie and Wigtown with Brilliance, their illuminating new show with music made especially for village halls.

Set in the winters of 1963, everyone is gathering in the village hall as Daisy places her hand on the switch and community life is never the same again.  Long after its arrival in the city, the slow process of rural electrification is starting to illuminate every corner and crevice of village life. As the dark evenings close in, 240 volts of alternating current and the humble electric light bulb allows people to gather and sing long into the night.

Brilliance is a celebration of our ability to connect and find the light in a bright new world.
Made for an adult and family audience (which older children 10+ can enjoy) the show is a celebration of light with live music and song to which the audience is invited to take part.