Young Promoters Scheme kicks off for 2016

IMG_0316As part of the commitment to involve more young people in its yearly programme, the Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival is repeating its scheme to encourage the under 26s or organisations who work with the under 26s to plan and promote live arts events throughout the region.


The festival is looking to include a programme that has been selected and delivered by young people for young people.

This may be of interest to young artists looking to perform live, youth groups looking to stage an exciting event or youth workers looking for activities to carry out with young people.

Last year’s programme included the Oasis Event Team, booking London-based hip-hop artist Reece Robertson performing at Oasis Youth Centre. This was managed by a group of young people who promoted and delivered this event. They also provided the technical sound and lighting support for this event. Ukulele-playing singer songwriter Zoe Bestel programmed a concert with friends at the Mill on the Fleet; young stars shone in Sanquhar at Robert Maitland’s Youth Beats showcase; and one of Scotland’s leading jazz artists, Lorna Reid, turned up at Wigtown Primary School.

Our anticipated outcome for the 2016 project is to develop successful partnerships with young people who are already engaged in music or theatre and have an interest in performing art; giving young people the opportunity to experience professional shows and the chance to select and promote their own events. They will gain new skills, inspiration and self-assurance that may inspire a career or lifelong interest in the arts.

The guarantee scheme is about developing confidence and capacity. It will encourage both young people and youth organisations to move from being recipients of arts events to staging their own.  In doing so we expect to find new partners for the Festival and hope to see young people taking other opportunities to deliver and promote their own events.

The festival remains one of the main vehicles for bringing good quality live art into the region and ensures that Dumfries & Galloway remains on the touring circuit of music and theatre companie

What’s in it for me?

  • The Festival will underwrite your event against ticket sales.
  • The Festival will promote your event through our website and brochure.
  • If you are keen to host an event but need help programming we can help find an act that would suit you and your venue.
  • If you are a young artist we can include your fees.
  • We can provide advice and support throughout the process.

What the Arts Festival is looking for?

Young people being the driving force behind the event.

  • Opportunities for young people to learn from the experience.
  • Attractive events open to the public that will attract a younger audience.


You will be informed of the panel’s decision by 7th December 2015

To download an application form click HERE.

This scheme has been made possible with generous support from The Holywood Trust